13 Oct

An Indianapolis criminal defense attorney and Indianapolis expungement lawyer, is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association. He has been practicing law since 1981. He has argued more than two hundred cases in courts throughout the state of Indiana. The majority of his clients have been accused of criminal conduct, with nearly all having pleas of not guilty. Some of his most impressive clients have been defendants in cases involving: aggravated battery, murder, sexual assault, child molestation, arson, embezzlement, burglary, domestic violence, assault and battery, solicitation, vehicular manslaughter, conspiracy, DUI, drug possession, and drug manufacturing and/or consumption.

In addition to being a Indianapolis criminal lawyer and Indianapolis expungement attorney, also serves as a Bloomington Indianapolis criminal defense attorney and Indianapolis expungement lawyer. If you or a family member has been accused of or charged with a crime, it is always wise to consult an experienced Indianapolis criminal lawyer who is familiar with the Indiana state court system. There are very serious charges that come with criminal records. 

If you already have a criminal record, you should definitely consult with a professional Indianapolis criminal lawyer who is experienced with protecting your criminal record. The charges associated with:

 previous charges, plea deals, jail time, probation, rehabilitation, parole, community service, extended incarceration, driving privileges, insurance fraud, theft, drug use, drug paraphernalia, weapons charges, and more are serious situations that you can face if you are accused of any crime.By hiring a skilled Indianapolis criminal attorney, you can get out of the situation that you are in and start over. 

There is no reason to plead guilty because you do not want a lengthy sentence, especially with a felony conviction. You have the option to have your criminal record expunged, which means that a judge or prosecutor will remove the portion of your record that contains the details of your conviction. An Indianapolis expungement lawyer will explain the entire process of the expunging process to you and give you an idea of what you may expect.

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